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This steampunk machine helps anyone make their own cooking oil at home

Add / Remove In an era when learning a new skill is often simply a case of loading up a tutorial video on YouTube, it’s no wonder that craft and homemade goods are starting to provide healthy competition against mass produced items. Consumers are already creating their own authentic homebrews or selling their wares on Etsy. But there are some ... Read More »

Fashion company lets customers wear their neighborhood on their sleeve

Add / Remove Maps are often seen as a practical thing, but they also hold some emotional value as well, being representations of the places we live and make memories. We’ve already seen Woodcut Maps take this idea to make personalized artworks sourced from Google Maps. Now monochōme is doing the same for fashion, creating clothing printed with a stylized ... Read More »

Interest-based social network connects likeminded locals

Add / Remove The web is great at enabling users to connect with someone halfway around the world that shares their obscure interest in Japanese punk bands. But it’s actually still not that easy to find locals with the same interests. We recently wrote about hikewith.me, the app that connects nearby walking enthusiasts for a hike. Now Germany’s Inlope is ... Read More »

Fashion company’s cruelty-free fur only uses roadkill

Add / Remove While materials such as leather and suede are often considered a byproduct of the meat industry, fur is altogether a much more touchy topic. Many people oppose real fur because it involves trapping and killing wildlife for the sole pursuit of fashion. We recently wrote about Marlow Goods‘ pop-up hotel shop, which takes the meat byproducts from ... Read More »

Platform lets anyone donate to charity with a tweet

Add / Remove As much as we’re loathe to admit, it’s likely that the data overload of the internet is re-hardwiring our brains and giving us shorter attention spans. While that’s good news for cat videomakers and clickbait merchants, it’s not great for the people and causes we should really be paying attention to. We’ve previously covered ChangeTip, which offers ... Read More »