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Dinchack at SCC: “Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet!”


SME Creativity Center is a non-profit organisation to support start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs through workshops, networking events, mentorship, and even provides work spaces! And it’s an honour for me to contribute to the mission through Dinchack training sessions and workshops.

We had a great evening yesterday at their centre, with about 40 inspired people who are committed to make 2014 their best year yet! What was special about this event was a bonus talk by one of the top TEDx HK speakers, Sara Mush of Sara’s Henna, about following your passion. It’s always a moment of pride and gratefulness when I watch my daughter inspire people through her talks and story!

The audience were extremely engaged, participated with enthusiasm and were very generous with their feedback and testimonials. Many of them gave me a 100% on all three criteria: relevant, effective, fun!

Dinchack testimonials

Energetic and enjoyable. Fun to listen, simple to follow.”

The speaker had great energy and enthusiasm for the topic. Very engaging!”

…very helpful. It reminded me to remain positive and happy.”

Extremely helpful to create a direction.”

I realised there is much more to live for in life.”

Really inspiring, gripping, riveting. Thank you!”

Fantastic as usual. Thanks a lot!”

You may see some photos here. And please feel free to leave additional comments.

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