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Marketplace for properties with existing, reliable tenants


Buying property to let can be a lucrative investment, but the hassle of finding and securing reliable tenants can often put people off. Now, based in Oakland, California, Roofstock is a marketplace for already-rented homes. The business recently raised USD 13m in funding and is about to launch in central Florida.


Roofstock is an online marketplace that specializes in occupied single-family rental properties. Home-owners wanting to sell their property can sell it through Roofstock, without needing to vacate their current tenants or wait for their lease to expire. Instead, all the houses listed are inspected, all the tenants verified, and rental prices are set. Then, potential investors can browse properties online, in full knowledge of the rental value of each property. Once an buyer chooses an investment, Roofstock facilitates the purchase with electronic document delivery and e-signatures, speeding up the process.

Could other investment processes be similarly simplified?

Website: www.roofstock.com
Contact: [email protected]

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