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P.S. I Love You app for posthumous messaging


We’ve seen the wonderful and the weird from innovations surrounding the afterlife, such as a casket that plays the deceased’s favorite music. Now, online vault SafeBeyond is for those who wish to send messages to loved ones after they’re gone.

Users can build up a collection of messages to send to relatives posthumously. They can set messages to be sent at birthdays, and be geotagged so recipients are pinged when they visit certain locations. Social media accounts can be linked to notify users when contacts have died, and trustees can be named to takeover the files, so they can report a user’s death for unexpected events they can no longer attend. Users can store up to 1GB of content monthly for free.

SafeBeyond can provide comfort to those who want their loved ones to maintain some connection after they’re gone — we have already seen AI resurrectors let users Skype their dead relatives. How else can tech help users mourn?

Website: www.safebeyond.com
Contact: [email protected]

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