In 1971 an eclectic group of pioneers – hippies, journalists, musicians and scientists – set sail from Vancouver in an old fishing boat. Their mission was to stop Nixon’s atomic bomb tests on a tiny island off Alaska. Amongst them was Bob Hunter, a charismatic journalist who, over the next five years, somehow managed to bind the ‘mystics and the mechanics’ into a group with a single purpose, often at huge cost to himself. Media savvy from the beginning, these pioneers captured their seat-of-their pants activist adventures on 16mm film. From this vivid archive and sly narration by Hunter, director Jerry Rothwell has created a thrilling, sometimes terrifying film.

When youthful energy comes up against the complexities of a growing organization, and idealism meets compromise, the group find their battle to save the planet forces them also to fight each other. This insightful film is also a vibrant, moving reflection on the struggle to balance the political and the personal.

Critically-acclaimed film, How To Change The World, is an inspirational documentary on the creation of the modern environmental movement we now know as Greenpeace. The documentary was a prizewinner at the Sundance Film Festival and draws on interviews with key players in the film alongside stunning footage of their jaw-dropping actions, bringing these extraordinary characters and their intense, sometimes eccentric and often dangerous world alive.

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Date: Nov 25th, 2015
Venue: Asia Society Miller Theatre
Screening: 7:00pm;
Running time: 109 Minutes; Language: English. No subtitles

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