Pedro Eloy

Pedro Eloy
Director of New Media & Information Technology, Fellow of the British Computer Society, Lecturer at Hong Kong University

Pedro Eloy is the Director of New Media & Information Technology at the Fung Group. Prior to this position, he was with the Fung Global Institute, responsible for the e-business strategy.

Pedro Eloy held several positions in the e-business, TV & IT industries. He started his professional career in 1992 whilst progressing his academic path. In France, he consulted with Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce HQ for the implementation of the online presence as well as defining & coordinating alternative revenue-enhancing channels for the organization. Working with ICC Research Foundation Pedro coordinated the New Media strategy.

In the UK, Pedro Eloy founded GoCyberSolutions, a start-up specializing in content production for web, video and mobile platforms. Pedro supported the European operations for the first commercial mobile phone TV platform in China, MiniV TV; In the US, he worked with Turner Network Television where he managed key sections of the website, coordinated the best practices programme and developed cross-media marketing projects & promotional campaigns for prestigious Hollywood prize ceremonies; In Portugal, he headed the Communications Department of Infordesporto focused on developing real-time TV and online solutions for the sports industry and consulted for Microsoft InteractiveTV project at TVLab.

Pedro is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a visiting Lecturer at Hong Kong University Faculty of Business and Economics, MBA programme, an Associate Member of the United Nations ESCAP Business Advisory Council, an International Judge for the Interactive Media Council (New York, USA) and responsible for the creation and delivery of e-business programmes. He is the recipient of several awards, including the J. William Fulbright Scholarship, the IMA Award and the Excellence in Product & Service Marketing Award. A published author, Pedro has lived / worked in Portugal, Canada, USA, UK, France and Hong Kong.