Penni Mannas Diefendorf

Penni Mannas Diefendorf
Founder and Director, truthredux

Penni Mannas Diefendorf is the Founder and Director of, an online community and repository of ideas and strategies to live life at your highest potential. She pioneers consciousness as a practical way of being: not, live your life and eventually become conscious, but become conscious and truly live your life.

She is the creator of the Creating Capable Consciousness workshop which shows participants that consciousness begins where you are now and ends where you want to be and beyond.

She is author of the companion book series “Core of Steel” Book 1 of which is available on and has made #1 on the Amazon Bestseller List.

She is also the publisher of the soon to be launched iMagazine “Achieve Everything! The Life Transformation Magazine” on Apple’s Newsstand.

About Truthredux. We pioneer consciousness as a practical way of being, a pragmatic way of living life. Beginning with material well-being and continuing on to spiritual or psychic well-being and beyond. Consciousness is our natural state. What is unnatural is the curbs we put on it through conditioning and usage – other people’s stuff.

What is popularly known as “higher consciousness” is in fact, the real you, untrammeled by artificial restraints, but instead released by your own self-knowledge and discipline.