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Thermal billboard can detect a fever


Interactive billboards are providing interesting new ways for brands to connect with consumers. We have already seen a yawning advert used to advertise coffee, and a smart Russian billboard that hides a secret advert from the police. Now, the Theraflu Thermoscanner, created by Saatchi & Saatchi and GSK, measures the temperature of passers-by to determine whether or not they have the flu.

The Theraflu billboard, created to advertise cold and flu medicines, uses a live thermo-scanner camera to enable viewers to determine whether or not they have a fever. When a pedsetrian stands in front of the billboard their thermal image appears on the high definition screen, showing their body temperature. Then, the billboard invites a thermo-scanner selfie, which the viewer can download on the microsite or via a QR code, and share on social media. Unwell users could even send it to their boss in lieu of a doctor’s note.

The first Theraflu Thermoscanner was installed in the Zlote Tarasy shopping centre in Warsaw. How else could this technology be used to merge health and advertising?

Website: www.saatchi.com
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